Word skillfully uses multi-level list function numbering

Actually a multi-level list is similar to a bulleted or numbered list, but the bullet or numbering of each paragraph in a multi-level list changes depending on the indentation range of the paragraph. Multi-level list is to use the multi-level list function of the bullets and numbering menu in Word format to automatically generate up to nine levels of symbols or numbers based on paragraph indentation. The method of use is as follows:

Enter the paragraphs that need to be numbered into Word, and use different indents to represent different levels. Do not indent the first level. To indent from the second level, you can use the “Increase Indent” and “Decrease Indent” buttons in the formatting tool.

From practical experience, the mastery of indentation is a problem: the indentation between levels should be consistent, otherwise there may be wrong numbers when using multi-level lists. Therefore, the indentation of the second layer can be adjusted to the position of ruler 1, the third layer can be adjusted to the position of ruler 2, and so on, so that the indentation between layers can be maintained at the distance of 1 on the ruler.

Then select List. In the “Format” menu, choose “Bullets and Numbering”, click the “Multilevel Symbols” command.

Select the required multi-level list style from the pre-specified multi-level numbering styles. If you need to follow the paragraph numbering in front of the article, you should select “Continue to previous list”, if you need separate numbering, select “Restart numbering”, and select OK, as shown below. .

Word Multilevel List Function Numbering

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