Word solves the problem of slow loading of “Equation Editor”

In Word, the formula editor needs to occupy a lot of system resources. When using the formula editor, users often feel that the computer speed is slowed down. There is a way to solve this problem indirectly.

When you want to edit or insert a formula, first open a new Word file, call the “Formula Editor” in the new file to edit the formula, then define the formula block, press Ctrl+C to copy it into the clipboard, and then press Alt+Tab key combination Return to the original Word document, or select the original edited file from the “Window” menu, and then press Ctrl+V to paste the formula into the text.

When you need to insert or edit the formula again, just press Alt+Tab to return to the “Equation Editor”. Keeping the previous formula allows the user to copy the same part of the formula in the “Equation Editor”, thus speeding up the editing speed.

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