Word Table Creation Tutorial

We will learn how to create tables in Word 2010. A table is a structure consisting of vertical columns and horizontal rows, with a cell at each intersection.

Each cell can contain text or graphics, and you can format the table any way you want. Usually the first row in the table is saved as the header and can be used to place some informational instructions.

create table
The following steps will help you understand how to create a table in a Word document.

Step 1 − Click on Insert tab and then click on Table button. This will display a simple grid as shown below. When you move your mouse over a grid cell, it creates a table in the table that appears in the document. You can make the table as many rows and columns as you want.

create table

Step 2 − Click on the square representing the bottom right corner of the table, this will create an actual table in your document and Word enters table design mode. Tabular design mode has many options available as shown below.

create table

Step 3 – This is an optional step you can do if you want a nice looking table. Click the Table Styles button to display the table style gallery. When you mouse over any style, it shows a live preview of the actual table.

create table

Step 4 − To select any style, just click on the built-in table style and you will see the selected style has been applied to your table.

create table

delete table
Here are the simple steps to delete an existing table from a Word document.

Step 1 − Click anywhere in the table you want to delete.

delete table

Step 2 − Click on the Layout tab and click on the Delete Table option under the Delete Table button to delete the complete table and its contents from the document.


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