The concept of evergreen content is a reasonable one. However, many times you will want to date your content. Not only that, but comments and other website elements can also benefit from it. If you want to add timestamps in WordPress, the process can be done easily.

How to add timestamp in WordPress?

The WordProof plugin for WordPress lets you use the power of the “blockchain” to add functionality to timestamp your content. It’s a cutting-edge technology that has been refined to be a powerful way to protect your content and build user trust.

In this post, we will show you how to add timestamps in WordPress using the WordProof plugin. Before that, let’s break down the whole concept of WordProof, timestamps, and blockchain.

What are timestamps (and why are they added to WordPress)?

In its basic form, a timestamp is a way of associating a specific time and date with a piece of content. This is not unique to WordPress, but you can see the basic form with comments and post date:

How to add timestamp in WordPress?

Note that we are talking about core concepts here. This is because timestamps can get complicated, as we’ll see. At a basic level, it’s a way to append a time and date to content. It is helpful and valuable for several reasons:

You can let readers know when your content was first published. This can be helpful when deciding whether content is applicable to the current situation.

Expanding on this, you can show readers if and when content has been updated.

For reviews, you can measure the timeline of events. This is helpful if there was a previous issue with the product and you are trying to determine if the issue has been resolved.

Of course, WordPress has its own way of timestamping content, but it’s a basic implementation. For most users, this is fine. Some even decided to remove timestamps from their websites.

However, we can use plugins to implement more complex versions of timestamps. Let’s get into this topic next.

Introducing WordProof

Given that timestamps are already included in WordPress’ core code, you’d be forgiven for wondering why you need a plugin to help. This is because adding timestamps to WordPress can take different forms.

How to add timestamp in WordPress?

Instead of providing a publication date, you can use a plugin like WordProof to embed a timestamp to provide content verification.

This allows you to connect your site’s content to any EOSIO blockchain. The good news is that you don’t need any blockchain experience to use WordProof. It’s a “plug and play” solution, which means you don’t have to lift a finger to use the plugin.

In addition to letting you automatically timestamp your content, you can also display certificates that validate your content and let readers see how and when your content changed. This is much like a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate.

As for why this is done, there are several reasons:

You can provide transparency to your users, which will increase trust and authenticity.

There may be search engine optimization (SEO) benefits.

You can prepare for future data protection regulations, especially the European Union (EU), which has been leading the way for the past few years.

You can help protect the copyright of your content with third-party verification.

It’s this last point that makes WordProof so interesting. It uses the power of blockchain to add timestamps in WordPress, providing protection for your content. We’ll talk about this next.

explain blockchain

Blockchain has become more prominent in the past few years or so with the advent of cryptocurrencies. While that’s not the point here, a cryptocurrency is a digital payment method verified using a blockchain.

In simple terms, think of a blockchain as a list of records in a database, each of which is linked using cryptographic methods. For each “block” that exists, you’ll find some transaction data describing it, the cryptographic hash of the previous block in the chain (hence the name), and a timestamp.

Besides currency, it is used in many other applications. For example, supply chain, healthcare and energy companies like the decentralized openness of blockchain.

You may be starting to understand how blockchain can help you add timestamps to WordPress, but we can help you fill in the gaps more.

How Blockchain and WordProof can help you protect your content and build user trust

Because the blockchain encrypts each contained block, it is a secure system. So you can’t change the data you see in relation to a block without modifying every other block in that chain. For all practical purposes, this is impossible. This means that the data you see is the “truth”.

There are many benefits to timestamping your content in such a secure way:

For content that requires a high level of trust, such as medical or financial information, a verified timestamp is a signal to readers.

You can also provide evidence that the article is accurate, especially when time-sensitive information is involved. Take the message surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, for example.

If you set it up the right way, you have an element that can help you win a copyright case. This is important if the content you provide affects your income if stolen. Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are a good example.

By this point, you’ve probably started adding timestamps in WordPress using a solution like WordProof. Your last step is figuring out how to implement them.

How to add timestamp in WordPress?

The good news is that adding timestamps in WordPress is easy. In fact, you need to take three steps. Let’s briefly describe them:

Install the WordProof plugin on your WordPress site.

Complete the WordProof Setup Wizard and sign up for an account.

Start timestamping your content in WordPress.

Most of these steps are intuitive. First, get the plugin on your website.

1. Install the WordPress plugin WordProof

How to add timestamp in WordPress?

The first task is to install the WordProof plugin. This should be a familiar task for anyone using WordPress at even a basic level. This is the same process you would install any other plugin on your website.

2. Run the WordProof Setup Wizard (and sign up for a WordProof account)

3. Timestamp your WordPress content

How to add timestamp in WordPress?


New technologies such as blockchain usually require a break-in period before ordinary users can join. However, if you use a timestamp plugin like WordProof, you can verify your content, provide users with an SSL-style certificate of validity, and better protect your content.

This post explains how to get started with the WordProof Timestamp plugin. Here’s how to add timestamps in WordPress:

Install the dedicated WordProof plugin.

Prepare WordProof through the setup wizard and sign up for a WordProof account.

Start timestamping your WordPress content.

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