Caching plugins like WP Rocket have become popular among WordPress bloggers as Google goes for speed. In general, WP Rocket works seamlessly with popular themes and page builder plugins.

However, it can create problems if it is set incorrectly or conflicts with other plugins on your site. If you want to get rid of WP Rocket plugin, here is a complete guide on how to completely uninstall remove WP Rocket from your WordPress site.

How to completely uninstall remove WP Rocket plugin from WordPress site?

Why you might need to remove the WP Rocket plugin?

The plugin has a simple user interface; however, you may encounter the following issues with caching and support:

After setting up WP Rocket, you may find that your page speed in the Google PageSpeed ​​Insights tool decreases rather than increases.

You found that the plugin broke the layout of your website.

There is no option to disable some features like page caching. The plugin caches all pages by default, you need to install an additional helper plugin to disable page caching.

Newly introduced features like removing unused CSS will create tables that increase the size of the database.

Mobile caching can cause problems for unresponsive websites, especially e-commerce stores created with the WooCommerce plugin.

Critical CSS, removing unused CSS options will cause render-blocking resource issues instead of improving mobile speed.

If you’re using SiteGround hosting, you have a free SG Optimizer plugin that provides similar functionality to WP Rocket. So you might want to get rid of WP Rocket settings. Also, many hosting companies offer custom caching solutions and WP Rocket may not work effectively or will become redundant.

Developer support deteriorates and you need to wait 3 days for a response. Previously, you could raise a ticket directly from the WordPress admin panel. However, now you need to log into their website and ask a question. Unfortunately, you won’t even receive a polite reply email after raising a ticket, and there’s no way to track the status of your issue unless they respond.

Whatever the reason, cleaning up WP Rocket residue on your site is harder than you might think.

Remove WP Rocket plugin from your WordPress site

In our previous article, we have explained how to remove the W3 Total Cache plugin. Cache plugins like W3 Total Cache and WP Rocket create many folders, install plugin plugins, insert directives in htaccess files and create cache folders. Unfortunately, simply removing the plugin doesn’t completely remove all these remnants the plugin leaves behind. You have to clean them up manually to remove plugins from the installation.

If the latest update is causing issues for your site, it’s a good idea to roll back the WP Rocket plugin instead of removing it entirely. You can roll back to the previous major version by navigating to the Settings > WP Rocket > Tools section in the WordPress admin panel. You will see a “Reinstall Version Number” button under the “Rollback” section, click it to restore the plugin to the previous major version.

How to completely uninstall remove WP Rocket plugin from WordPress site?

Step 1 – Disable any other caching plugins

Almost all caching plugins use some common settings such as using the plugin plugin and adding entries in the wp-config.php file. Therefore, uninstalling WP Rocket and deleting related files will affect the usual functionality of other caching plugins. In general, the cache plugin should regenerate the entry and add the plugin plugin.

However, to avoid confusion, please deactivate any other caching plugins on your site before removing WP Rocket. Later, you can activate other cache plugins that should insert the required entries and create plugins.

Step2 – Uninstall and remove plugins

As a first step, you need to uninstall the plugin from your WordPress site.

Login to your admin panel and go to “Settings > WP Rocket > Dashboard” section and clear your cached files first.

Step3 – Remove the Drop-ins plugin

When you activate the WP Rocket plugin, it also installs the “advanced-cache.php” file. This is a plugin plugin with a single php file that you can see under the “Plugins > Installed Plugins > Drop-ins” section. If you see that the file is still there, make sure to delete it after removing the WP Rocket plugin.

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