WordPress provides posts and pages by default for creating content. Also, you can create different formats in your articles like audio, gallery, video, etc. But that’s not enough when you want to create a list aimed at your readers.

With the advent of content types such as “Best” and “Top10”, listicles are becoming an essential tool in most website content creation repositories. In this article, we will explain various ways to create a Listicle in a WordPress site.

How to create a Listicle for WordPress posts or pages?

What is Listicle?

HTML provides three types of list tags – unordered list, ordered list and distributed list. You can easily create lists using the Gutenberg Lists block in WordPress. Listicles are also composed of lists. However, they are different from simply using <ul>/<li> or <ol>/<li> HTML list tags. Think of the “Top 10” or “Top 5” articles you read on a newspaper website or app, which is basically a list.

Listicles will have their specific list titles, and below each title there will be enough to explain and clarify each list title.

Unlike simple ordered or unordered list content, listicles are gaining popularity and acclaim, mainly because they are engaging, informative, and most importantly, fun to read. Nobody wants to read countless paragraphs of plain text, right? So with listicles, we can blend text, images, videos, and sometimes even GIFs nicely. All of these different types of content help keep the article alive and fun to read and read.

How to create a Listicle in WordPress?

So now that you know what lists are and why they are important, let’s discuss how to create them on your own website. Creating a list on WordPress is very simple and can be easily achieved using one of the following methods:

Create your own list with the Gutenberg block editor

Let us explain each method in detail in the following sections.

1. Create a custom list with the Gutenberg editor

If you don’t have a theme that provides listicle functionality and don’t want to install additional plugins for this, you can choose to create a custom listicle using the default Gutenberg block editor. You can create simple lists using headings, paragraphs, images, and column blocks. It is also possible to combine all these blocks and use them as a single reusable block anywhere on the site.

2. Use a theme that provides Listicles

There are many newspaper and magazine style themes offering list type content creation. What you need is to simply create content with headers and other elements. The theme will automatically create the list by using the headings as the different sections. The most popular newspaper themes are one of the best examples of creating listings in your WordPress site. This theme will give you an article layout with smart lists and automatically create lists based on your content titles. You can customize the list for each article using the meta box options available in the article editor.

You can choose different styles for your lists (called smart lists in newspaper themes), numbering styles, and headings to divide the sections. Under normal circumstances, the published list will look like this. However, you can create pagination, drop-down selections like they show on the theme demo page.

If you plan to create a list of hundreds of similar “Top10” sites, then we strongly recommend that you choose a dedicated topic, such as newspapers.

How to create a Listicle for WordPress posts or pages?

3. Use the Listicle plugin

The last and most viable option is to create a list in WordPress with the help of a plugin. But which one to go to? Well, we made a very simple choice for you. Below we have selected the best plugins for creating listings on WordPress and not only that, we have also listed all the steps you need to follow to create a listing through the plugin of our choice. So read on to find out more.

3.1. Kadence Gutenberg Blocks Plugin

Today, there are many block plugins that offer free blocks, boilerplates, and starter templates. Kadence blocks is one of the most beautiful plugins to create wonderful elements on your website. The plugin will allow you to select a block from the design library in the article editor. You can simply use any block with numbers and adjust the layout to make it look like a list.

In fact, the example block we showed in Section 1 above was edited from a basic Kadence block.

3.2. Listicles by LezWatch.TV

When it comes to creating listicles on WordPress, nothing beats the Listicles plugin from LezWatch.TV. While it might not be the most popular list-related plugin, it’s still a great plugin, and nonetheless, it’s very user-friendly and easy to implement. The plugin will allow you to create interactive blocks to set up lists in your articles. The great thing about this plugin is that you will be able to add images, content, videos, etc. to each list item in the list.

To make it easier for you, we’ll guide you through the steps involved in creating listicles with LezWatch.TV’s Listicles.

Install and activate Listicles by LezWatch.TV plugin in your site.

Once activated, go to the article for which you want to generate a list.

Enter the word “listicle” into the block inserter, as shown below, and select the “Listicle” block.

You will then see a listicle block automatically generated and you will be able to add content to it. By default, the plugin will give you 2 list items, but you can keep adding more by clicking the “Add List Items” button.

As with any other Gutenberg block, you will be able to change the alignment, typography, width, etc. of this block according to your design guidelines and preferences. For demonstration purposes, we’ve filled the list item with some content to show you what it looks like.

As you can see from the examples shown above, you can easily include images, content, and videos along with each list item.

3. Listly: Listicles for WordPress

This is another great option for creating lists on WordPress. Although it’s older and hasn’t been updated in a while, this plugin is great for creating, maintaining, and attracting customers’ attention to list articles, aka listicles, in your WordPress site.

Just like the previous plugin, you will be able to add different types of content such as text, images, videos, etc.

Additionally, the plugin offers features like YouTube embeds, collaborative editing, automatic device responses, special list item ranking, and more.

It also offers multiple layout options such as Slideshow, List, Gallery, Magazine, and Minimized.

Unlike previous plugins, with the Listly plugin, you have to configure the plugin’s settings page to generate lists, and you also need a Listly Publisher Key, which is free, but you need to sign up from the author’s website.

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