Whether you’re a researcher compiling local election data or a teacher sharing data on local wildlife populations with your class, there’s no better substitute than a graph. These visualization tools turn boring, seemingly worthless data into easily digestible information.

The great thing is that you don’t have to worry about dealing with complex graph building software because WordPress graphs and charts can be made with simple plugins. So, here we outline which plugins are the best, and we’ll also cover how to create beautiful WordPress charts and graphs.

How to Create Beautiful WordPress Graphical Charts

Advantages of making charts and graphs in WordPress

5 WordPress Charts and Chart Plugins That Work

How to Create Beautiful WordPress Charts and Graphs

Advantages of making charts and graphs in WordPress

You may be wondering why you can’t simply develop a graph or chart in Excel and then take a screenshot of it to place in your blog post. Sometimes this method works well, but sometimes it’s a huge waste. The main reason to use Excel or other chart building programs is when you need advanced features that WordPress plugins can’t provide.

Otherwise, here are the benefits of using plugins to make WordPress charts and graphs:

It consolidates all your graphic builds into one area. You can save a lot of time if you make graphs or charts on a regular basis.

It allows you to go back and edit the graph if needed. Images limit quick fixes and require you to find old files used to make diagrams.

Some charts and graphs have interactive features that pictures can never do.

Overall, the WordPress chart plugin simplifies the process, but it still gives you most of the features you need for your blog posts.

5 WordPress Charts and Chart Plugins That Work

Before we start our tutorial on how to create beautiful WordPress charts and graphs, we want to take a look at the best plugins to do what you need.


WordPress Charts and Graphs Lite

WordPress Charts

Interactive Maps, Charts, Graphs


1. wpDataTables

wpDataTables is a very powerful WordPress plugin! Don’t let the name fool you. It can do more than just create typical tables. You can also design various charts and graphs. It was specially developed to allow you to enter large amounts of data and quickly convert it into beautiful graphics to display to your readers.

How to Create Beautiful WordPress Graphical Charts

wpDataTables is a premium plugin, and licenses start at $44. Some of its features include:

Everything is responsive, which means they will scale perfectly for every device

The wpDataTables plugin has three different chart rendering engines: Google Charts, Highcharts and Chart.js. This allows you to render simple and flexible diagrams with many customizable options

Real-time automatic refresh of tables and graphs

Preview your graphs and tables in the backend

2. WordPress Charts and Graphs Lite

If you want to display data and information on your WordPress blog with beautiful charts and graphs, look no further than the excellent WordPress Charts and Graphs Lite plugin. It does a great job of creating beautiful interactive visuals, while giving you complete freedom to customize the output to match your exact requirements: you can change colors, customize fonts, hide text, add text— All of this, even after the chart is published. Displaying the chart in your posts and pages is as easy as uploading a spreadsheet and adding the plugin’s auto-generated shortcode to your page.

Later, if you decide you want to change the type of chart from block to pie, just hit the edit button and switch. Yes, it’s really that simple. It’s also worth mentioning that the charts and graphs it generates are suitable for all device screens (desktop, tablet, mobile) of all sizes because the plugin is responsive.

It includes nine chart types, shortcode support, and the option to import large amounts of data using CSV. This chart plugin is also known as the Visualizer plugin, so you may see it referred to as that. There are free and pro versions. The pro version costs at least $74 (one site license), and it provides tools to import from other charts. Some other professional features include:

Provide the user with the option of editing functions

Private chart creation

Automatically sync with your online files

Other chart types

You can access the live editor

3. WordPress Charts

The WordPress Charts plugin would be my third choice, many users love its clean design, animations, and colorful options. However, also note that it hasn’t been updated in a while.

4. Interactive Maps, Charts, Graphs – For VC

If you currently have a Visual Composer plugin on your website, the Interactive Maps, Charts, Graphs – For VC plugin might be for you. It’s an add-on for Visual Composer, so there’s no reason not to use it.

5. UberChart – WordPress Chart Plugin

UberChart is a more general advanced charting plugin, as it does not require the Visual Composer plugin. The plugin offers 10 built-in chart types, and you receive around 240 customizable options for each chart.


All WordPress charts and graphs have their different functions. The coolest part about these plugins is that you have all the flexibility in the world. Therefore, I encourage you to take the time to test your graphs and understand what each setting adjustment does. Then, you end up being a chart guru and people will ask you how. If you have any questions or ideas on how to create WordPress charts and graphs, drop a line in the comments below.

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