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Bug Name: WordPress GIF images not playing

Error description: Gifs may not be played due to compressed or non-full-size GIF images.

Ever uploaded a GIF on WordPress and found out that the GIF uploaded on your website is a static image? If yes, then you must be interested in why WordPress GIF won’t play and how to fix it?

This is a common problem that almost every WordPress user faces from time to time. At first, you might think this is a big deal. But that is not the case.

No matter how big the problem seems, the solution to it is very simple and easy. Wondering how to do it?

do not worry. Here, we’ll discuss why your WordPress GIFs won’t play and how to fix it.

How to Fix GIF Images Not Playing on Your WordPress Site

Why don’t GIFs work in WordPress?

WordPress will automatically resize a GIF or image when it is uploaded. For example, if you upload a GIF in WordPress, it will resize when added to your media library. Also, some themes optimize the size of images or GIFs uploaded on your WordPress site. Likewise, using an image optimization plugin can also reduce the size of GIFs.

So your WordPress GIFs are uploaded as static images. Hence, it creates the problem of WordPress animated GIF not working.

Now how to overcome this problem that defeats the purpose of uploading WordPress GIFs. If you’re looking for a solution to your WordPress GIF not playing issue, keep reading.

Solutions to Fix “WordPress GIFs Not Playing”

The “GIF won’t play in WordPress” problem is very common and the solution is very simple. You can fix this problem from your WordPress site in minutes.

Wondering how to fix Elementor GIF not working issue? Just browse through the three solutions below and try them out on your WordPress site:

Use full size image

Since WordPress resizes uploaded images and GIFs, you can avoid this by choosing full size for GIFs. To fix the Elementor GIF not Working issue, you need to go to the page or post block and select the “full size” image after uploading the GIF on WordPress.

This will upload your GIF to its original size without any optimizations. So your GIF quality isn’t compromised at all, it’s published as you capture it.

Remove image optimization plugin

You may still experience WordPress GIFs not playing after using full-size images. This is because of the use of an image optimization plugin on your WordPress site.

No matter how many settings you perform to fix it, image optimization plugins can upload downsized GIFs on your site if not removed, or if not disabled image optimization settings.

So, to fully fix the WordPress GIF not playing issue, you have to disable the image optimization option, or you need to completely disable the image optimization plugin from your site.

After deactivating the image optimization plugin, your uploaded GIFs will be the same size as before and will work just fine.

The third and final solution to the WordPress GIF not working problem is to upload the GIF via a URL in the media library. To do this, go to the page or article where you want to add the GIF. After that, select the image block by clicking the plus icon.

Now, select the image block and upload the GIF from your device. Then, copy the URL of your uploaded GIF from the media library.

Finally, click on the image block and press the “Insert from URL” button. Here you need to paste the URL of the GIF you copied earlier. Then, press Enter.

How to Fix GIF Images Not Playing on Your WordPress Site


Now you are ready to deal with your WordPress animated GIF not working issue. You’ve already discovered that the main reason for static GIFs on WordPress is their reduced size, which reduces quality. That’s why, if you manage to upload without resizing, the issue of GIF not working on WordPress will be fixed.

Try the three simple solutions above to add motion to static GIFs and the effect will be the same as before. It will take no more than a few minutes to perform these three solutions.

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