The newly launched sticker function, hurry up and play!

Want to make your chat more personal? Come and try the new stickers feature in Yo WhatsApp! Send fun stickers to your friends in real time during a call, and you don’t have to worry about being in the cold when chatting!

Whether you are a foodie or a cute girl, happy or lost, you can express your mood at that time through stickers. With so many stickers, there is always one you like! Invite your friends to play together!

Connect Feelings with Yo WhatsApp

Can you give mom a call? She is waiting for you!

How long has it been since you saw your mother? How long has it been since you had a good chat with her? Her new hairstyle and new hobbies, you know all these?

If you are usually too busy to visit your mother often, why not make a video call with your mother sometime? Nothing makes mom happier than seeing your smile and hearing your voice!

Learn to listen as you share your current situation with your mother. If you want to liven up the atmosphere, you can also do graffiti and play games with your mother!

Connect Feelings with Yo WhatsApp

communicate with your lover

Most of the long-distance lovers, when they talk about their relationship, can’t help but feel a little sad, probably always thinking about the future in Japan, but when they look back, most of them are drinking tea.

Is a long-distance relationship really hard to last? Are there any examples of successful long-distance relationships?

Have. On Yo WhatsApp, there is such a long-distance couple who has always maintained warmth.

Lucas is working in New York, USA, and Irina is studying in Beijing, China. Despite the 12-hour time difference between the two, their love is still sweet.
Lucas often uses Yo WhatsApp to talk to Irina, and they fight each other with graffiti stickers during video calls, or share funny photos from their lives, in this way, they constantly give each other a sense of security.

Yo WhatsApp brings each other closer, so that love has no jet lag.

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