Download Whatscan for Yo WhatsApp  Web from the Google Play Store and install it on your phone.

Then, open it and choose your preferred language.

Scan the Yo WhatsApp  QR code from your husband’s phone.

After that, you can view all Yo WhatsApp  messages and media files on your phone.

How do I view my husband's deleted Yo WhatsApp  messages?

Yo WhatsApp  for iOS tweaks built-in camera, redesigns subtitle view

Yo WhatsApp  for iOS is developing some new features. With the latest beta, the app is tweaking the built-in camera and improving other features.

In version, Yo WhatsApp  for iOS made some changes to the iPhone’s built-in camera. There are some tweaks. For example, the horizontal media bar has been replaced with a new button that directly opens the gallery, just like the iPhone’s native camera app.

With this change, users have more privacy when taking photos, as currently users may accidentally swipe up and reveal at least six of their personal images. An update prevents this. Not only that, but the camera icon on Yo WhatsApp  for iOS has also been redesigned.

How do I view my husband's deleted Yo WhatsApp  messages?

According to the publication, these changes are already available to beta testers, so if you’re a public beta tester, you can start taking advantage of these tweaks now.

Last week, WABetaInfo also discovered that Yo WhatsApp is working on a redesigned header view that also shows a list of selected recipients. The publication explained:

[In a future update], also upload your media to Status Update. A similar action is already available when you take a photo from the Camera tab, but the new feature extends this functionality to provide the same options when you select from a chat or take a photo.

Unlike tweaks to the built-in camera, this other feature is still in development, so it’s not currently available to beta testers.

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