Go to Yo WhatsApp settings. Now, navigate to the Accounts tab. Click Privacy and scroll to the Read Receipts option. Turn it off to prevent people from seeing when you see their chats and Yo WhatsApp status.

How to become a ghost viewer on Yo WhatsApp?

Novi digital wallet goes live on Yo WhatsApp for some users

A tweet from Stephane Kasriel, where he announced “There is a new way to try the Novi digital wallet. Starting today, a limited number of people will be able to send and receive money using Novi on Yo WhatsApp, making sending money to family and friends just like sending a message. Simple.”

Yo WhatsApp has been working on this integration for some time now, with digital cues dating back to version of the popular app. The pilot program will have no fees and no commissions, meaning people will not have to pay a cent when transferring money.

Kasriel reiterated that early adopters of this payment method in Yo WhatsApp will be able to conduct any number of transactions.

How to become a ghost viewer on Yo WhatsApp?

Novi is a digital wallet from Facebook (the parent company of Yo WhatsApp) that uses digital currency (currently the platform operates using something called PaxDollar) to transfer money internationally.

Let’s say you want to send money to your relatives here. You add $100 to your Novi account and these will be automatically converted to PaxDollar (1USD=1USDP). Then you can send money at the click of a button – just like sending an instant message. The person you are here will get 100PaxDollars, which will be automatically converted to Japanese Yen, so they can withdraw easily.

Novi uses blockchain technology – the latest advancement in secure transactions, so your funds will be safe. There are many other benefits of blockchain technology, such as the sheer speed of transactions and reduced costs (compared to money transfers and other more traditional methods of transferring money).

Facebook wanted to use its own cryptocurrency, Libra (it started out as Calibro and is expected to become Diem at some point in the future), but the social network has encountered an unexpected setback. Diem was originally scheduled to launch in 2021, but with just a few weeks left, we’ll probably have an official release sometime next year.

How to start using Novi on Yo WhatsApp?

If you happen to be one of the lucky few to have access to a trial run of this Novin integration, you can try to send and receive money by following these steps:

The pilot program is currently only available in Guatemala and, so the above cousin example is a bit of an imaginary at the moment. Facebook is working hard to expand the functionality and usability of the service, so we’re guessing more/regions will be supported soon.

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