Different file formats can be sent through the app, including APK, ZIP or PDF. There is no limit to the file size we can send. Runs faster than WhatsApp. Lock apps with PIN, fingerprint or pattern.

Yo WhatsApp tool function 1: Multi-account Yo WhatsApp group message

1. Write a message template directly, automatically identify new friends, and directly send a welcome message to new friends

2. Support multiple types of messages, text, voice, video, business cards, link pages

3. The background can check the group sending status and reply status of the Yo WhatsApp account at any time, so as to grasp the group sending effect in real time.

Yo WhatsApp Tool Function 2: Keyword Reply

1. When the user triggers the set keyword, the corresponding reply message will be automatically sent

2. Keyword automatic reply supports various types of messages, text, voice, video, business card, link page.

What are the benefits of Yo WhatsApp?

Yo WhatsApp tool function three: quick reply

1. Built-in common replies, allowing you to respond to your friends in time

2. Edit the common replies, save them, and use them directly next time

Yo WhatsApp tool function four: friends through automatic reply

First set the template name, and then add the content of the words, and after passing through friends, a word will be randomly selected to send.

What are the benefits of Yo WhatsApp?

Yo WhatsApp Tool Feature Five: Yo WhatsApp Fan Profile

1. Simple user portraits can be created, such as fan groups, and fans with positive feedback can be entered into deeper groups

2. It is convenient for more in-depth guidance or sales; at the same time, you can also make simple remarks here, or put a new label.

More advantages:

1. Free to use: Yo WhatsApp uses a mobile internet connection to allow users to call and message friends or family for free without paying extra for each message or call.

2. Free calls: If the user’s friends and family are in other countries, they can also use Yo WhatsApp to call them for free. This call is made with an Internet connection and does not consume mobile phone minutes.

3. Multimedia function: Use Yo WhatsApp to send and receive multimedia messages such as photos, video documents and voice.

4. Group chats: Enjoy group chats with contacts and keep in touch with friends or family members fairly easily.

5. Web version use: Use the browser of the web version computer to send and receive Yo WhatsApp messages.

6. NO INTERNATIONAL CHARGES: There are no extra charges for sending messages abroad via WhatsApp, and no international SMS charges for chatting with friends around the world.

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